We have created a new section dedicated to managing the performance of the feedback requests you send to your customers.

We made this change as a response to our customers' needs for a more customisable system that can be managed from one view.

All future feedback communication will be configured from within the 'Campaigns' menu for all users.

All your current email and feedback settings will be inherited into your campaign/s, meaning your account will work as normal.

This does however mean that we are moving some settings you may be familiar with and aggregating them into campaigns.

The settings highlighted in red above will be moving into the Campaigns menu (see below).

Everyone has a 'default' campaign to use, which will be your one-stop-shop for customising your emails and feedback form. Accounts with the optional products Multiple Campaigns and Feefo SMS will be able to customise SMS messages too.

Let's have a look at the Campaigns interface.

From the landing page you can track the success of each of your campaigns and compare performance to get a feel for how well your feedback messaging is being received.

When you want to edit a campaign you can now test and tailor your campaign settings to reflect the messaging you wish to convey to your customers. This means you can manage all your email, SMS and feedback form settings from the same view.

Feedback Preferences

From 'Feedback Preferences' you can customise your form, email, and, if you have Multiple Campaigns and Feefo SMS, your SMS messages, providing a much more efficient method of customisation.

Customise Content 

This setting has been renamed to 'Customise Email' for simplicity. You can now view and edit your feedback email on desktop and mobile so you can see every change you make instantly. 


Snap on your NPS® question straight to the form! You can preview how it will look too.

Custom questions

Add your custom questions directly into the form! See the results as you create them and preview the finished design.

What's new?

With the release of campaigns, we have enhanced the ability to personalise your 'Feedback Email', 'Feedback Form' and 'Thank You' page. This gives you much greater flexibility in how you want these assets to be presented on mobile and desktop.

Here are a few benefits to this personalisation upgrade:

Customising your Feedback Email

We have provided much greater flexibility to customise your feedback emails within a new interface, allowing you the ability to:

  • Customise each field of your feedback email to make it more personal to your customer experience.
  • Quickly preview your design for desktop/mobile.
  • Instantly test your customer journey using the new 'Quick Test' function.

Customising your Feedback form

We have enhanced the feedback form to make customisation quick and easy, so you can be sure you're asking your customers the right questions at the right time.

  • Customise each field of your Feefo feedback form to make it more personal to your customers' experience, the more personalised your questions, the better your responses will be!
  • Add and edit custom questions directly on the feedback form.
  • Add and edit your Net Promoter Score® question directly on the feedback form.

Customising your 'Thank You' page

  • Personalise your 'Thank You' page based on the customer review score.
  • Iframe in your own custom banner to provide your customers a really personalised thank you experience.


All of the Feefo merchant pages include default Meta Data that follows best practice. See below for the Meta Data associated with the merchant reviews page. Although you cannot edit your Meta Data directly, you can have changes made for you by contacting our Technical Team.

For more information on improving your Feefo ranking please view our article Improve The Ranking Of Your Feefo Page.