TXT/CSV file field name

XML field name (case sensitive)


Default value

Optional (Required when sending SMS messages)

mobile is the customer's mobile phone number. It is a required field for sending SMS requests (Feefo SMS). This feature is currently supported for United Kingdom, Eire, United States and South Africa mobile phone numbers only, however, further regions will be supported in future releases.

When SMS requests are enabled, every sale in the uploaded sales file should have a mobile phone number. Without this data, Feefo cannot send SMS messages, so any submitted order line without a mobile number will produce an error message. Depending on the number of errors, there's a possibility that the whole sales file could be rejected. More details regarding possible sales file error messages during an upload are discussed in Uploading Sales Files (Feefo Hub).

The mobile phone number must be uploaded using the international phone format:

  • United Kingdom: mobile number 07XXXXXXXXX would be uploaded as +447XXXXXXXXX
  • Eire: mobile number 08XXXXXXXX would be uploaded as +3538XXXXXXXX
  • United States: mobile number XXXXXXXXXX would be uploaded as +1XXXXXXXXXX
  • South Africa: mobile number 07XXXXXXXX would be uploaded as +277XXXXXXXX

Note: If using CSV files in Excel, ensure that all cells under the column mobile are formatted as 'Text'. After being saved, if the CSV file is reopened in Excel, any 'Text' cells will be converted to a 'Number' format which, if saved as converted, will produce errors when loaded into Feefo. To avoid this, either save the file with the correct content in XLSX format or ensure the data in the mobile column is reformatted as 'Text' before saving as CSV.