This article explains how to customise the content of a campaign's 'not tried yet' reminder.

  1. The Not Tried Yet Reminder part of Feedback Preferences is only visible if Enable 'Not Tried Yet' on feedback form is enabled in the Feedback Request part of Feedback Preferences.
  2. Enabling this option will add a tick box to the product part of the feedback form so that customers who need more time to fully test/experience their purchase can postpone submitting a review.
  3. Customers who tick the 'I've not tried this yet' box can be sent a reminder to submit a review at a later date. Sending the reminder is optional but when needed, the Not Tried Yet Reminder part of Feedback Preferences configures the settings.
  4. By default, the 'not tried yet' reminder is set to Don't send not tried yet reminder. To enable the sending of reminders, click on Send after and define the number of days, weeks or months after the feedback request send date that the reminder is sent. This can be set to any length of time between 1 day and 24 months.
  5. Channel determines whether a 'not tried yet' reminder is sent by email or SMS. All merchants can send reminders by email but sending SMS requests is only possible with the combined optional products Multiple Campaigns and Feefo SMS. The default is 'Email' with 'SMS' being either selectable or greyed out. If SMS is selectable, see Feefo SMS for configuration details. If greyed out, Multiple Campaigns and Feefo SMS are not available on the account but can be purchased by contacting us
  6. If any of the settings in the Feedback Preferences or Feedback Reminder have been edited, first save the changes by clicking on the bottom right corner button Save Feedback Preferences. If edits haven't been saved and you try to move to the next step, you will need to confirm that they can be discarded. Go Back will allow you to Save Feedback Preferences first but Leave Page will discard changes. The same options are presented if clicking Back to Campaign Setup with unsaved changes.
  7. With 'Email' selected, the feedback reminder email can then be customised by clicking on Customise Email which opens the email editor:
  8. The 'not tried yet' reminder email editor works exactly the same as the feedback request email editor. For more details as to how to use this editor, see Customise Email.
  9. Once edited, make sure all changes are saved before leaving the editor by clicking on Save Template.