This article explains how to customise the content of a campaign's optional feedback reminder. Any customisations that are made will be for the one trigger only and so if you have multiple triggers within a campaign and the intention is that a similar feedback reminder is sent for multiple triggers, the same customisations will need to be repeated for the other triggers too.

  1. Customisation of the feedback reminder is accessed from the Feedback Preferences. Before moving to customisation, ensure that all edits to settings in the various sections of the Feedback Preferences have been saved by clicking on either of the right-hand corner buttons, Save Trigger. If edits haven't been saved and you try to move to customisation, you will need to confirm that they can be discarded. Go Back will allow you to Save Trigger first but Leave Page will discard changes. 
  2. Ensure Email is selected in the Feedback Reminder Request section and click on Customise Email in the same section. For more details of the other fields shown in this screenshot, see Feedback Preferences
  3. This opens the feedback request email editor:
  4. The feedback reminder email editor has the same functionality as the feedback request email editor. The only difference is that the default Jade template for the reminder email is feedback-reminder.jade. 
  5. Once edited, make sure all changes are saved before leaving the editor by clicking on Save Template.