This article explains what Feefo SMS is, its basic setup and the various settings available to customise your SMS communications.

Capture your audience through their most personal possession

Everyone has a phone, and it's not unfair to say that many of us are addicted to a) having it in close proximity and b) checking it frequently. The phone is effectively an extension of us and if the research shows that users check their phone between 70-140 times a day, why not leverage that engagement?

Feefo SMS reviews will allow you to send personalised text messages directly to your audience so that you can reach more people and receive more feedback. If you would like to know more about purchasing Feefo SMS, please contact us

How will Feefo SMS benefit me?

It's true that people check their phones more regularly than email and that 98% of text messages are read, but how else can I benefit? 

Here's 5 reasons to use SMS:

1. Customisation and personalisation are key, the more you can tailor and target your SMS review campaign to your customers, the greater your response rate will be.

2. Instant messaging straight from your dashboard; SMS takes an average of <7seconds to hit your customers inbox. That's quick, and if they have haptic feedback/text alerts switched on then they will likely check it straight away, improving your open rates.

3. Customers who don't want to be part of your SMS campaign? No problem, it's a friction-less experience for customers to decide to opt out, which means your overall customer satisfaction will improve.

4. You would think limited space for writing is a bad thing? Not necessarily... Having 160 characters to deliver your message is a good exercise in getting your point across immediately, allowing consumers to digest and respond to your information quickly, improving your conversion rates.

5. Scheduling has never been easier; If you want that SMS review request to hit that users inbox at the perfect time, then you're in control. Receiving texts whilst commuting, at lunch or at home, improves engagement across the board, so take action now.

How does Feefo SMS work?

All merchants are able to send feedback emails but sending feedback SMS messages is only possible for merchants with Multiple Campaigns and Feefo SMS. Merchants without Multiple Campaigns will not be able to access Feefo SMS. Feefo SMS offers merchants the option to send their feedback requests, feedback reminders and 'not tried yet' reminders by SMS. Currently, SMS requests can only be sent to customers with a United Kingdom, Eire, United States or South Africa mobile phone number but the number of regions supported will increase in future releases. After purchasing a number of SMS messages per month and configuring the settings shown below, any sale with a valid mobile number will be sent an SMS message instead of an email. Each SMS message sent will be deducted from the allowance purchased per month and on the 1st of each month, the allowance will be reset. As part of setting up Feefo SMS, you have 3 options as to how your communications will be handled if the monthly allowance is exceeded:

  • Any further sales/reminders will be discarded altogether so those customers will not receive the usual communications. From the 1st of the following month, all new sales/reminders will be sent up to the number defined in the monthly allowance.
  • Any further sales/reminders will be sent as emails until the 1st of the following month.
  • Any further sales/reminders will continue to receive SMS messages, but the number used in excess of the allowance will be tracked and invoiced at the end of the month at the rate agreed when setting up Feefo SMS.

A campaign's feedback request/request reminder/'not tried yet' reminder can only be sent to one channel (email or SMS) at a time. If feedback requests are to be sent by email, they cannot be sent by SMS as well but each message type (feedback request/reminder) can, however, be configured differently. For example, the feedback request may be sent by email but the reminder could be sent by SMS. This approach will maximise your opportunity to gather feedback across both channels whilst keeping additional costs to a minimum.

SMS messages need to be sent to mobile phones and so before turning on any SMS messaging, you need to make sure your sales data is configured correctly with mobile phone numbers included against each sales line. For more details on configuring your sales file for SMS, see Sales File: mobile. When an account is configured for SMS, any sales lines with invalid phone numbers or no number at all will be marked as an error during the sales file upload. As with all upload errors, if more than 2% of the sales lines have errors, the whole file will be rejected. For more details about sale file errors, see Uploading Sales Files.

All merchant replies are sent by email irrespective of the campaign's channel. This means that if the campaign channel is set to SMS and the sales file you send us contains both email and mobile fields, the feedback request/reminders will be sent as SMS messages and any replies you provide to customer feedback will be sent as emails. If the sales data you supply doesn't contain customer email addresses, the feedback request/reminders will be sent as SMS messages and then as part of the feedback form, the customer will be asked if they would like to receive a notification of your response. If they supply an email address, we'll let them know when you reply, but if they choose not to supply one, they will not receive a notification.

Many of the settings for SMS requests are the same as for email requests so ensure that you have read the following articles before starting an SMS campaign:

Once you have read the above articles and configured your campaign settings, to send feedback request SMS messages, apply these additional settings:

  1. The setting that enables the sending of SMS requests can be found about half way down the Feedback Request section of Feedback Preferences, the setting being Channel. It has 2 options, Email or SMS. If SMS is greyed out, Feefo SMS is not enabled on the account. To discuss the options, please contact us. Assuming SMS is not greyed out, to enable sending feedback request SMS, set Channel to SMS.
  2. This reveals several additional customisation settings, the first being the Feedback Request Delay. This setting defines the time delay between the sale date and the date the feedback request is sent, the rules being:
    • If the uploaded sales data does not include a feedback date, Feefo sends the feedback request according to the Feedback Request Delay. By default, this is 7 days after the sale date but it can be configured to anything between immediately (when set to 'Send ASAP') and up to 2 years.
    • If the uploaded sales data does include a feedback date, this overrides all values of Feedback Request Delay.
  3. Customise SMS Language defines the language of the feedback request SMS. Translations of the English content are available from the drop-down but as only United Kingdom, Eire, United States or South Africa mobile phone numbers are currently supported, leave this set to English (United Kingdom).    

  4. SMS Message is an editable field used to define the SMS request content. In the bottom right corner of this field is an indicator of the number of characters used vs. the number available. The maximum number of characters available for the message is 128. Note: By including characters that are not part of the standard GSM character set, you will reduce the number of characters available for content to around 40 characters and so these characters should not be used. See GSM 03.38 for more details about GSM character sets. As the content is edited, the SMS Preview will update to show the message as the customer will see it (the preview includes short URLs to the feedback form and to opt out of further Feefo emails).
  5. Once completed, ensure the changes are saved by clicking on Save Feedback Preferences. If you want to discard the changes without saving, click on Back to Campaigns instead. Confirmation is required before the changes are discarded.
  6. In a similar way, the Feedback Reminder and Not Tried Yet Reminders also support sending SMS or emails depending on the setting of Channel for each of the reminders.
  7. After editing the SMS reminders, ensure the changes are saved by clicking on Save Feedback Preferences or discard the changes by clicking on Back to Campaigns. Confirmation is required before discarding.