Directly access articles on all of the key features of a campaign from this set of Quick Links:

Campaign Feature Quick Link
I already use Feefo. How will campaigns affect me? Campaigns - How Will This Affect Me?
What benefits do campaigns bring to my industry? Using Campaigns Within My Industry
What is a default campaign and how should I use it?
Campaign Essentials
Starting and stopping your default campaign
Campaign Essentials
Creating multiple campaigns
Campaign Essentials
Configuring a public/private default campaign
Campaign Preferences
Customising the default campaign thank you message in multiple languages
Campaign Preferences
Defining an iframe banner for the default campaign thank you page
Campaign Preferences
Setting up how and when default campaign feedback requests are sent
Feedback Preferences
Customising your feedback request email Customise Email
Customising your feedback request form Customise Form
Configuring and customising a feedback reminder Feedback Reminder
Configuring and customising a 'not yet tried' reminder Not Yet Tried Reminder
Customising your SMS feedback requests
Feefo SMS
Setting up a single campaign with multiple product touchpoints Single Basic Campaign
Setting up multiple campaigns with multiple service touchpoints Multiple Basic Campaigns
Setting up a pre-post travel campaign
Pre-Post Travel Campaign
Testing your feedback request email Campaign Essentials
Testing your feedback request SMS message
Campaign Essentials