In an effort to enhance all customer facing touchpoints, Feefo is allowing merchants to connect their Google Shopping Feed in an easy 3 step process.

By connecting the Google Shopping Feed, you will no longer have to spend a lengthy amount of time manually setting up the product feed which will allow you to pass through implementation faster. 

Note: If you are wanting to use your Google Shopping Feed as the source for the ratings and reviews product catalogue for Advertising for Facebook, connect your Google Shopping Feed by following these steps and then once connected, visit the page linked at the end of this article.

Instant Benefits:

  • Product images are enabled for use within the feedback request email, feedback form and public facing Feefo pages, providing your customers with a more engaging experience.

  • Full product description and product page URL are listed on the Feefo's merchant reviews page, enabling customers to click directly through to the relevant product pages.

What you need to do:

Connecting the Google Shopping Feed with Feefo is a very simple 3 step authentication process:

The Google Shopping Feed connector can be found within the ‘Product’ menu in the Feefo Hub.

Step 1: To begin connecting your Shopping feed click ‘Get Started’.

Step 2: Enter your Google Merchant ID and click ‘Next’.

Step 3: Confirm and accept by clicking ‘Connect my Google Shopping account’.

Once connected, Feefo will automatically fetch your Google Shopping Feed data.


You can adjust the frequency of when Feefo fetches your Google Shopping feed in the settings tab (Feefo will otherwise default to fetching the feed daily).

Feefo will automatically link your Feefo product search code to the SKU listed within your Google Shopping Feed. Once the first fetch has completed, check the % Match Rate listed in your summary tab. If the match rate is low, make sure that Feefo is matching to the correct field within your Google Shopping Feed. You can change this within the ‘Product SKU mapping’ settings.

Need more help on this topic? Please contact us directly so we can guide you through this process.

Note: If you have connected your Google Shopping Feed as part of your configuration for Advertising for Facebook, see the final setup steps.