This applies to the Shopify plugin.

You can exclude certain products from the Feefo review request process so that when a customer purchases an excluded item, they're not asked to review it.

To do this you need to define within Shopify which products are excluded so that we know which ones to omit. To do this, follow these simple steps:

From your Shopify admin panel:

  • Click 'Products > Collections'.
  • Click on the 'Add Collection' button.
  • Set the title of the new collection as feefo_exclude
  • Untick all options listed under the 'Visibility' section.
  • Under 'Select Products' opt to 'Manually Select Products'.
  • Click 'Save Collection'. You will see a confirmation message "Collection name was created successfully".
  • From the 'Products' box of your new collection, you can search for products to add. Any products which you add to this collection will be omitted from a feedback request.

Note: If all products within a customer’s basket are excluded, we will not send a feedback request at all.

There are other options available for premium customers so please contact us to learn more.