This article introduces Feefo's SmartLink.

SmartLink is Feefo's method of allowing customers to leave feedback about a merchant without the merchant needing to send Feefo their sales order information in advance.

Instead of the customer receiving a feedback request email from Feefo, they will receive the Feefo SmartLink integrated into a form or email that the merchant chooses to provide or send. When the SmartLink is clicked, the customer is taken directly to the feedback form on Feefo and then from this stage, they follow the same consumer journey as any other customer leaving feedback on Feefo.

All the information required to collect feedback is embedded in the link itself. There is also a security hash to prevent this information from being modified or corrupted between the merchant constructing the link and the customer clicking it.

Due to the nature of the link, it must be generated uniquely for each order. The script to generate the link is straightforward and can be completed in all major scripting languages. Feefo can supply sample code in several languages, for example, PHP. If the customer purchases multiple items, the SmartLink submits multiple order lines. This option is supported and is documented in the Feefo-supplied sample code. For more details about the code or help with setting up SmartLink, contact our Technical Team.

The technical structure of the link is as follows:

  • The first part of the URL points to Feefo's servers.
  • The second part is an argument string composed of the required fields separated by delimiters, converted into machine readable code.
  • The third part is a passworded hash of the argument string used to verify that the parameters have not been altered. The password required to do this will be agreed between Feefo and the merchant as part of the Feefo SmartLink setup process.

For more details about the supported parameters, see SmartLink Parameters.