This article describes how to add the attribute feefo_exclude and use it to suppress the sending of feedback request to customers who have purchased the excluded products.

Feefo can 'exclude' certain products so that when any are purchased, a feedback request is not sent. To do this, you need to add an attribute feefo_exclude and then assign it to the products that you wish to exclude. This can be completed by the following these steps:

  1. Log in to the WordPress admin for your website.
  2. Click Products > Attributes.
  3. Complete the Add New Attribute form setting the name and slug to feefo, leaving the other fields as default. Click Add Attribute.

  4. Click the cog icon next to the new feefo attribute.

  5. Complete the new Add New feefo form setting the name and slug to feefo_exclude, leaving the other fields as default. Click Add New feefo.

Now that the custom attribute has been set up, you need to assign it to the products you wish to exclude from the Feefo feedback request.

  1. Click Products.
  2. Find a product you wish to exclude, hover over the product name and click Edit.
  3. Within the Product Data section, click Attributes.
  4. Select feefo from the drop down list and click Add.

  5. Click in to the Value(s) box and select feefo_exclude.

  6. Untick the option Visible on the product page.
  7. Click Save Attributes.

Repeat the above seven steps for each product you wish to exclude. If you are updating a large number of products there are third party plugins available for bulk editing which you may find useful.