This article explains how to install and uninstall the WooCommerce eCommerce Plugin. The minimum version requirements for this plugin can be found on the WordPress website

The WooCommerce Plugin allows a merchant using WooCommerce to send their sales data automatically to Feefo. We then send a feedback request on their behalf to all customers and collate and publish all feedback resulting in a Feefo star rating and a full set of reviews that can be seen on both the Feefo and merchant's websites. 

WooCommerce has the following order statuses:

  • pending (default)
  • processing
  • on-hold
  • completed
  • cancelled
  • refunded
  • failed

Feefo will only retrieve orders once they have reached completed status. Due to the nature of sales logged as a guest not having the contact information Feefo requires, we will be unable to collect those sales.

The frequency with which Feefo collects your WooCommerce sales data dictates how far back newly created orders are checked to see if they have completed:

Fetch cycleTime frame
DailyOrders completed in the past 24 hours placed in the past 14 days
WeeklyOrders completed in the past week placed in the past 45 days

MonthlyOrders completed in the past month placed in the past 3 months
QuarterlyOrders completed in the past 3 months placed in the past 6 months

Please contact if you require a more specific configuration.

We can also 'exclude' certain products so that when any are purchased, a feedback request is not sent. To do this, you need to add an attribute feefo_exclude and then assign it to the products that you wish to exclude. This can mean that if all products in a customer’s order have the feefo_exclude attribute, we won't send a feedback request for any part of the order to that customer. To find out more about product exclusion, see WooCommerce Plugin - feefo_exclude. If you are experiencing difficulties pulling your sales data into Feefo, please contact for further assistance.

The WooCommerce plugin provides three different sets of Feefo review data:

  • A service reviews widget that floats over the web page and is visible at all times. The colour, size and position of this widget are configurable from the Feefo Hub under 'Marketing > Service Reviews Widget'.
  • A product star rating widget that's normally placed near to the purchasing button showing the star rating for just this product.
  • A product reviews widget located towards the bottom of the product page that lists only this product's reviews.


  1. Before starting the installation process, ensure that the accounts you plan to use for both WordPress Admin and the Feefo Hub have the same login email address.
  2. To install the plugin, log into the WordPress Admin for your website.
  3. Click Plugins > Add New.
  4. In Search Plugins type Feefo.

  5. Click Install Now for Feefo Ratings & Reviews.
  6. When the installation has completed successfully, select Activate Plugin.

  7. Click the Feefo menu which has appeared in the left-hand navigation menu.

  8. Select Start Plugin Setup.
  9. WooCommerce will ask you to approve read access for Feefo Ratings & Reviews to your store, click Approve.
  10. If you are an existing Feefo customer you will be asked to authenticate your account, otherwise, you will be asked to confirm your store details to register a free account.
  11. You will be given an opportunity to select the delay period between orders being completed and Feefo sending the feedback request to your customers; additionally, there is an option to solicit feedback from your historical orders.
  12. After this, you will see the “We’re done!” page, click Complete Setup to activate the widget code on your website. Please note the widget will only appear once your first customer review has been received.
  13. You will be taken to the Feefo Plugin Configuration page where you can apply further customisations, but aside from that, you are good to go!

Once the product review stars and product reviews are being displayed, you can check their placement and if needed, change their position. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the WordPress admin for your website.
  2. Click the Feefo menu in the left-hand navigation menu to access the Feefo Plugin Configuration page.
  3. Select Custom location.

  4. Instructions will appear entitled Inserting the Product reviews widget in a custom location for amending your site template. Follow these instructions and click Save Changes.

As WooCommerce has its own reviews system, we would recommend that once Feefo's reviews are up and running, you should disable the WooCommerce reviews. This can be done as follows:

  1. Log into the WordPress admin for your website.
  2. Click the Feefo menu in the left-hand navigation to access the Feefo Plugin Configuration page.
  3. Tick Disable WooCommerce reviews system (recommended).
  4. Click Save.


To uninstall the WooCommerce Plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the WordPress admin for your website.
  2. Click Plugins.
  3. Find Feefo Ratings & Reviews and click Deactivate. Then to completely remove the plugin, click Delete.
  4. You will be asked for confirmation. Click Yes to delete the files and data.