Stencil is a new approach to theme development on the BigCommerce platform and at this stage it is not possible to directly modify your theme files within the admin area. The only way you will be able to add the widget integration code is by setting up a local development environment. You can find further instructions on how to set up an environment in the Stencil Documentation.

Once you have everything set up you simply have to paste the below code snippets in to the relevant templates and push the changes to your store.

  1. To add the service reviews widget to every page of your website, copy the code below and paste it in to your header template, just above the tag.
    <script type="text/javascript" id="feefo-plugin-widget-bootstrap" src="//" async></script>


    • merchantidentifier identifies the Feefo account so will need to be replaced with your unique Feefo identifier. The identifier takes several forms dependent on your merchant name but it usually features one or more hyphens (-) where spaces and/or full stops would have been used. Your merchant identifier can be found in the Feefo Hub; see  Where to find my merchant identifier?  
  2. To add the star rating for your products, copy the code below and paste it in to your product template file, under the product title. 
    <div class="feefo-review-badge-wrapper-product"></div>
  3. To add the product reviews for your products, copy the final piece of code below and paste it in to the same product template file, within the main container, beneath the existing content. 
    <div id="feefo-product-review-widgetId" class="feefo-review-widget-product" data-feefo-product-id={{ }}></div>
This completes the installation.