This article explains how to install and uninstall the BigCommerce eCommerce Plugin. The plugin has been designed to be independent of the version of BigCommerce being used.

The BigCommerce Plugin allows a merchant using BigCommerce to send their sales data automatically to Feefo. We then send a feedback request on their behalf to all customers and collate and publish all feedback resulting in a Feefo star rating and a full set of reviews that can be seen on both the Feefo and merchant's websites.

Once the plugin has been installed successfully, we retrieve your BigCommerce orders with a status id of either 2 (shipped) or 10 (completed) and send a feedback request to each of the purchasing customer's email addresses. If you are experiencing difficulties pulling your sales data into Feefo, please contact our Technical Team for further assistance.

The BigCommerce plugin provides three different sets of Feefo review data:

  • A service reviews widget that floats over the web page and is visible at all times. The colour, size and position of this widget are configurable from the Feefo Hub under 'Marketing > Service Reviews Widget'.
  • A product star rating widget that's normally placed near to the purchasing button showing the star rating for just this product.
  • A product reviews widget located towards the bottom of the product page that lists only this product's reviews.

To install the plugin, three pieces of code need to be added to your BigCommerce site template. If using the Blueprint theme, installation can be done through the BigCommerce app store or through the Feefo Hub, but if using a Stencil theme, follow the instructions in BigCommerce Plugin - Stencil Theme.

Installation via the BigCommerce App Store

The BigCommerce app store provides an interactive guide that will walk you through the steps.

Installation via the Feefo Hub

Log in to the Feefo Hub and choose 'Marketing > eCommerce Installation Packages'. Click on the 'Install package' button under 'BigCommerce' and follow the on-screen prompts. You will be taken through a series of easy-to-follow steps to add the necessary code to enable the BigCommerce Plugin. 

To add mobile integration on non-responsive Blueprint themes, see Mobile Integration.

To remove the plugin see Uninstall.