This article explains how merchant's can use the Gnu Privacy Guard (GnuPG) to encrypt sales data.

Feefo supports a sales file encrypted with GnuPG, the suite of free and open source cryptography solutions. The file needs to be encrypted with the Feefo public key prior to uploading to our FTP server. Ensure the file extension is set to .gpg whereupon it will be automatically decrypted and processed. GnuPG is also supported with the automatic fetch functionality.

GnuPG can be downloaded from the GnuPG website. Refer to the documentation supplied with GnuPG on how to encrypt the file successfully.

Feefo’s public key can be viewed at Feefo's GnuPG Public Key.

Merchant-Hosted Sales File (Fetch)Feefo's GnuPG Public Key