This article explains how merchants can host the sales file for automated Feefo 'fetch' uploads.

If Feefo are given access to a location on a merchant’s webserver where the sales file has been placed, Feefo can fetch the file daily, weekly or monthly (the day is determined by the day when the schedule is first set up). This will happen at approximately midnight GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) on every day that the upload is scheduled to run.

Feefo supports the following:


It’s recommended that access to this file is restricted to the following IP addresses and optionally, to increase security further, can include an HTTP authentication username and password:


To set this up, send the following information to Feefo's Technical Team:

  • The URL where the data is held.
  • The user_name and password required to access it (if any).
  • The schedule on which Feefo should fetch the file (daily, weekly, monthly).

For more details of the sales file format see:

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