This article describes how you can integrate your customer-generated reviews in to your business page on Facebook.


Due to a restriction imposed by Facebook your business page must have at least 2,000 fans for you to be able to install a custom tab to host the widget.

To install the Facebook Reviews Tab, you must have an active Feefo account and be the Admin User of the Facebook page.  


How to install:

  1. Login to the Feefo Hub
  2. If you have multiple accounts select which one you would like to connect to your Facebook business page using the global filter icon
  3. Select Marketing > Facebook Reviews Tab
  4. Click ‘Install Facebook Widget’ 
  5. Facebook will open in a new tab presenting a list of the business pages you manage for you to select from 
  6. Select the page you would like to add the Feefo Reviews Tab to and click ‘Add Page Tab’
  7. You will be redirected to the Feefo Hub following the successful addition of the tab
  8. To check the installation log in to Facebook go the relevant business page on Facebook and look in the left hand list of tabs for Feefo Reviews
  9. If this is the first time you have installed the Feefo Reviews Tab on this page a form will be presented where you will need to specify your Feefo account merchant identifier:

Optional additional fields:

  1. V2 tags = the list of sales tags that define the level of data to be presented. The list is optional for a merchant identifier and is ignored when using a V1 logon. Only values that have been previously assigned to the your sales data can be listed, however examples could include a tag for the method of sale (e.g. saleschannel=web, saleschannel=phone) or country (e.g. country=uk, country=Germany) or several tags that need to be included (e.g. saleschannel=web,country=Germany).
  2. No. of reviews to display = how many customer reviews will be displayed. The default is 25 but this can be edited by typing a number directly into the text box or by using the increment/decrement arrows alongside the text field.
  3. Click on ‘Add Feefo Reviews’.
  4. Once completed the integration can be customised by configuring your Facebook Widget preferences. These can be accessed from the Feefo Hub using 'Marketing > Facebook Widget'.
  5. The Integration Features configure how your reviews will be displayed in Facebook.
    1. 'Show Media Panel' determines whether the photos and videos are shown above the list of reviews.
    2. 'Show Product Attributes' gives access to additional product attributes (for example, quality, comfort, fit, performance etc.) from each review through the button.
    3. 'Show Replies' shows the full conversation between the customer and your business, including any replies and additional customer feedback.
  6. Assuming all of the Integration Features are enabled, Facebook reviews are displayed in a similar way to the following:
  7. The number of reviews to be displayed can be configured using the service/product 'Rating Timeframe' parameter which is within the 'Marketing > Widgets Gallery > General Settings'. Options available are to display only reviews left in the past year or all reviews associated with the account. Depending on the number of available reviews, choosing 'All Reviews' can increase the time it takes to list content.

If problems are encountered during the integration, please contact Feefo’s support team. If the Feefo widget needs to be removed, follow the steps as for any Facebook app which can be found on Facebook's Help Centre.