This article defines how to install the Service Reviews Widget into a merchant's web page.

The Service Reviews Widget is simple to implement and configure. It offers a quick method to integrating a merchant's service review rating into a floating widget that remains within view whilst the customer is on the web page. The widget's appearance, when collapsed, will be similar to:

When clicked on, the widget expands to:

Implementing a Service Reviews Widget involves adding a reference to a JavaScript tag in the source of your web page. The JavaScript content is hosted by Feefo and sent to a client browser on request. The URL for the source of the JavaScript passes your merchant identifier as a parameter allowing the Feefo server to supply the correct content to the user. Knowledge of JavaScript is not required for this integration method as it is all taken care of by Feefo.

The Service Reviews Widget integration involves adding two lines of code to your HTML. Both lines should be added to HTML pages as far down the page as possible (in the footer is ideal) however, their location does not define the position of the widget. 

<script type="text/javascript" src="" async></script>
<div id="feefo-service-review-floating-widgetId"></div>


  • merchantidentifier identifies the Feefo account. Replace merchantidentifier with your unique Feefo identifier which can be found in the Feefo Administration Portal; see Where to find my merchant identifier? 

Once added, the Service Reviews Widget will float over the page when it's viewed. The position and styling of the widget are controlled by 'Feefo Administration Portal > Settings > Integration Preferences' (see Customise Your Service Reviews Widget), the options being:

  • Colour Scheme
    • Grey - Yellow (Default)
    • Black - Yellow
    • Green - White
  • Display Format
    • Small
    • Large (Default)
  • Alignment
    • Left
    • Right (Default)
  • Position from top 

    Continuously variable from 0 (at the top of the window) to 100 (at the bottom of the window). Default = 70 (quite close to the bottom of the window).

Once saved, the changes will be immediately applied to the widget.