This article lists all of the Feefo badges that display both service and product ratings.

All of the examples shown below display the English version only but when used on a web page where the browser's locale is set to something other than 'en', the badge will display content in the localised language.

Selecting your preferred Feefo badge for displaying the service and product rating is easily done through the interactive badge selector within each set of integration preferences accessed through the Feefo Hub, 'Marketing > Widgets Gallery'. The selector shows a preview of the chosen badge's design, colour and size for both the desktop and mobile views, and presents any badge options for positioning and styling.

To understand how they can be used to display your Feefo rating, take a look at Feefo Badges Overview.

For Feefo badges displaying only a service rating, see Feefo Badges - Service Only.
For Feefo badges displaying only a product rating, see Feefo Badges - Product Only.
For Feefo badges displaying an average rating, see Feefo Badges - Average.

 Service and Product Badge Badge Name


Feefo Badges - Product OnlyFeefo Badges - Average