feedbackdate is a specific date on which to send the feedback request email for this order. When the parameter is not present, this will default to 7 days from the date of sale or the number of days specified in the Feefo Hub under 'Campaigns > Manage Campaigns > Actions > Edit > Feedback Preferences > Feedback Request Delay'. Note that each campaign trigger can have a different delay (see Feedback Preferences for more details). If set to 'Send ASAP', the default feedbackdate for sales without this parameter is considered to be today and so the feedback request email will be sent immediately.

feedbackdate can be in one of the following formats:

  • dd/mm/yy - e.g. 31/05/12 
  • dd/mm/yyyy - e.g. 31/05/2012 
  • yyyy-mm-dd - e.g. 2012-05-31 
  • yyyy/mm/dd - e.g. 2012/05/31 
  • mm/dd/yyyy - e.g. 05/31/2012 
  • dd-mm-yyyy - e.g. 31-05-2012 
  • yyyy-mm-dd’T’hh:mm - e.g. 2012-05-31T14:45 – in this case, time(Thh:mm) is ignored 
  • yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss - e.g. 2012-05-31T14:45:10 – in this case, time(hh:mm:ss) is ignored