tags define the sales/product attributes for uploaded sales data allowing you to create subsets of the full data which can then be used to generate reports filtered by the tags. Tagging associates one or more ‘key value pairs’ to sales and feedback data. The tags can then be used to analyse the data in complex ways through the Feefo Hub. The full list of available tags is shown in Sales And Product Tags

Tags are added as comma separated ‘key value pairs’ in the following formats:

For GET: tags=[keyA%3DvalueA,keyB%3DvalueB…]
e.g. tags=[saleschannel%3Dweb,productline%3DCar%20Insurance]

For POST: tags=[keyA=valueA,keyB=valueB…]
e.g. tags=[saleschannel=web,productline=Car Insurance]

Note: Tags are combined as a logical AND. This means that in the examples above, the sale must have both tags present to be included in the filter.

Having added tags to the relevant sales lines, the tag can then be used to filter the data for reporting. Where multiple tags have been added to a single sale, filtering can be set up using each tag individually or they can be combined to create complex filtering operations to identify the sales concerned.