Request parameter
Required or optional
Authentication required 
summary, reviews

empty_product_comments specifies how product feedback with no comments should be handled. Only valid where:

  • mode = all
  • mode = product

Possible values are:

  • include
    Returns all product feedback where customer's have left comments. It also includes product feedback which does not have a comment too. Default values are not included.
  • default
    Returns all product feedback with default text based on the corresponding rating (e.g. a 5 star review would have the comment 'Excellent') being assigned where a customer hasn't left a comment. The default text in reviews[].products[].review will be localised based on the merchant's language preferences, for example, if the language is defined as French, 'Good' will be localised to 'Bien'.
  • exclude
    Returns all product feedback where customer's have left comments. Product feedback which does not have a customer supplied comment are not included. Default values are also not included.
An example Reviews API call using empty_product_comments is:


  • version = the version of the API associated with the URL. See API Versions for the version number.
  • all = returns both service and product reviews.
  • merchant_identifier = the merchant's unique Feefo identifier, which in this example is example-retail-merchant.
  • empty_product_comments = determines if reviews with no comments are included. In this example, all product feedback will be returned, including the feedback where Feefo has added a default comment based on the star rating and those without comments added.

Full details about the API can be found at Reviews API (Customisable Integration).

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