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Authentication required 
summary, reviews

product_sku is used to filter the JSON feed to product reviews assigned to the specified product search code. The value of the product_sku is case insensitive. Only valid where:

  • mode = all
  • mode = product

product_sku supports filtering using multiple product SKUs, each product SKU being separated by a comma (,). 

product_sku also supports the use of the wildcard character asterisk (*) before and/or after the defined string to support partial matching for related/variant products. An example using wildcards with product_sku is:*,BCR*


  • version = the version of the API associated with the URL. See API Versions for the version number.
  • all = returns both service and product reviews.
  • merchant_identifier = the merchant's unique Feefo identifier, which in this example is example-retail-merchant.
  • product_sku = filter by this product search code. In this example, product reviews for any product search codes prefixed with ACR or BCR will be passed to the feed.

With mode = product, Reviews API would normally need one or more product SKUs included in the call, however, if product_sku is omitted altogether, it will default to including reviews for all products in the feed.


  • If using  in conjunction with the parent_product_sku parameter, parent_product_sku overrides product_sku.
  • product_sku does not support values that include the hash (#) character or the URL ASCII code %23.

Full details about the API can be found at Reviews API (Customisable Integration).

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