Feefo is an independent feedback service used by businesses that care about honesty, integrity and doing the best that they can for their customers. Most of all, Feefo's merchants are prepared to listen to what their customers have to say. 

As a Feefo merchant, anyone who genuinely purchases a product or service from you is entitled to leave feedback. They can say what they like and notwithstanding contractual or legal obligations, Feefo will publish the comments. You cannot edit or moderate the feedback they give, but you are encouraged to respond, particularly to any issue or complaint, and your response will also be published. It shows you are listening and gives you the chance to improve on any areas your customers highlight. 

If the customer leaves bad language, our profanity filters automatically remove the offending words and if personal details, theirs, yours or the details of others are left as part of the feedback, we will remove these details but almost always retain the feedback. If the feedback is clearly untrue, legally contentious, defamatory or breaches privacy, total removal of the feedback is always an option but this is extremely rare. 

Once the customer leaves feedback, their review is immediately displayed on your Feefo merchant review page. An example of how this appears can be seen on Feefo's own review page where all reviews received are published, including those that are negative. As a Google Licensed Content Partner, Feefo works with merchants to collect and share genuine customer reviews, linking all reviews into AdWord campaigns and sharing data with search engines. This means that many prospective customers will discover your reviews simply by using a search engine however adding the reviews to your websiteFacebook page or other publicity material will maximise the potential for letting everyone know how your customers feel. Great reviews need to be shared, and not-so-great reviews are a real opportunity to show everyone how you respond when something unexpected happens, turning what could be considered to be a negative into a positive.