TXT/CSV file field name
XML field name (case sensitive)
Default value
The currency of the country associated with the merchant's Feefo account

currency is the financial unit for the amount field.

The value of the currency field is the ISO 3 letter abbreviation of the currency the customer used when purchasing the product or service. Common examples are shown below however the full list is available on the ISO Standards website.

  • Pound sterling = GBP
  • United States Dollar = USD
  • European Union Euro = EUR
An error is produced during the uploading of the sales file if an invalid abbreviation is used. 

Although optional, to ensure the correct currency is always used, we recommend that currency is defined for each order line in the sales file where an amount is defined. Where an order line has an amount  defined without a currency, Feefo will assign the ISO Standard abbreviation for the international currency of the merchant's business 'country' as defined in the Feefo Hub under 'Settings > Business Details > Business Address > Country'. For example, if the 'Country' of the business address is France and currency isn't supplied in the sales files, all amounts will default to EUR.

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