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feedback date
As defined by the Feedback Request Delay (see below for more details)

feedback date is a specific date on which to send the feedback request email for this order. The column/field must exist in the uploaded data but there is no need to specify a value against any order line as it will default to the value as defined in the Feefo Hub under 'Campaigns > Manage Campaigns > Actions > Edit > Feedback Preferences > Feedback Request Delay'. Note that each campaign trigger can have a different delay (see Feedback Preferences for more details). By default, the 'Feedback Request Delay' is set to 7 days but it can be set to anything from immediate (when 'Send ASAP' is selected) to many months. If a feedback date is specified for some of the uploaded order lines and the 'Feedback Request Delay' is also defined, the order lines with a feedback date will have the feedback request email sent out on the feedback date, and those that don’t have a feedback date will be delayed by the 'Feedback Request Delay'.

feedback date can be in one of the following formats (except when used in conjunction with the JavaScript Sale Integration, where the feedback date must be supplied in the dd/mm/yy format):

  • dd/mm/yy - e.g. 31/05/12
  • dd/mm/yyyy - e.g. 31/05/2012
  • yyyy-mm-dd - e.g. 2012-05-31
  • yyyy/mm/dd - e.g. 2012/05/31
  • mm/dd/yyyy - e.g. 05/31/2012
  • dd-mm-yyyy - e.g. 31-05-2012
  • yyyy-mm-dd’T’hh:mm - e.g. 2012-05-31T14:45 – in this case, time(Thh:mm) is ignored
  • yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss - e.g. 2012-05-31T14:45:10 – in this case, time(hh:mm:ss) is ignored
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