description is used by both sales files and product catalogues to define a brief description of the product being purchased or catalogued. It must accurately describe your product and match the description on your landing page. Although description has a maximum length of 500 characters, due to the limited space available on some of the forms, we recommend using no more than 200 characters. Ensure that all description content consists of plain text only, in particular, remove all HTML mark-up that may be present (e.g. bold, italics, header and link tags).
Usage is as follows:
File typeTXT/CSV file field name
XML field name (case sensitive)
Default value
Sales filedescription
Product cataloguedescription

description is displayed on the feedback request email that Feefo sends to the customer and if product feedback is required, it’s displayed on the feedback form too. Where customers have purchased multiple products, description greatly helps customers to associate the right feedback request with the right product. For example, in the feedback form below the ‘Cotton Shirt – Blue with white stripes’ is identified: 

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