Feefo is committed to ensuring that every merchant using Feefo is aware of best practice and the methods for achieving the best results from integrating Feefo onto their website. We know that when using Feefo you can achieve significant returns on your investment but only if a few basic guidelines are followed:

Objective: To reduce bounce rate and increase time on site.

Add the Feefo service ratings/reviews to your home page, ideally near to the top of the page. We know that consumers expect this type of information where they can easily find it so including it on your pages, the consumer's attention remains on your website. Independent research has proven that having our service rating badge and links to reviews increases conversion rates and revenue per customer.

Objective: Increase conversion rate and Average Order Value (AOV).

Ensure product reviews on the product pages are in close proximity to the ‘Call to Action’ or ‘Add to Basket’ button. We advise that the review button contains the rating, the Feefo badge and ideally the review count. These factors have been tested and proved to increase conversion rates. When clicking on the Feefo badge, customers should be presented with the full set of review data either directly on your page or in a lightbox-style overlay.

Objective: Create clear information for customers.

Feefo ratings must always be suitably labelled. This is to ensure that customers fully understand what each rating or review applies to. For example, customers will generally expect to see service ratings on your home page and so if product ratings are used instead, they must be clearly labelled. Meeting your customer's expectations will mean they find exactly what they need on the right page and so are less likely to look elsewhere.

Objective: To enable the customer to understand the reviews.

Feefo reviews and ratings should never be mixed with any other type of review. Feefo’s ratings and reviews are independent and verified making them more trustworthy than open platforms. It is important that the customer understands the source of the reviews which means keeping reviews from different sources separate. Our Support Team can help with this implementation if needed. Also, mixing reviews without Feefo’s knowledge is a breach of your contract with Feefo.

Objective: Keep Feefo’s promise to your customers.

When providing feedback, the customer is asked if they want their review published anonymously or with some identifying details which they can define. If their wish is to remain anonymous, no customer details should be published alongside their Feefo review. Where the customer has provided some details for publication, you must only publish these details and no others.