Adding Feefo reviews to your web pages makes it easy for visitors to see how previous customers have rated your service and products which will help them to make purchasing decisions. As new reviews are regularly added, the changing content will keep them on your website longer and depending on the chosen integration method, can improve search engine ranking.

The positioning of the Feefo badge and the chosen method of integration is very important. Placing the reviews link/button/tab at the bottom of the home page is not ideal whereas if it’s near the top or shown continuously as the page is scrolled, customers are more likely to see and use it. A great example of a floating Feefo badge can be seen at By clicking through to any product on their website, visitors see the Feefo badge prominently at the top of the page, with Feefo reviews clearly listed in the middle of the page and the floating Feefo badge also visible at all times.

Another example of the very best in class for product-level integration can be seen on St Evals' website. They have concluded that it is best practice to display the Feefo badge close to the price and purchasing part of the screen. We wholeheartedly endorse this practice but it’s not the only consideration needed. To learn more, do take a look at Top Tips for Integrating Feefo.

Feefo offers several methods for integrating your feedback, each quite different, allowing merchants to find the right solution for their business and website. For example, using our On-Page Integration, minimal code editing is needed to gain the full benefits of integration including improving your ranking in search engine results. If preferred, a fully customised solution can be applied using data supplied by our Reviews API so that the reviews have the same look-and-feel as your website. Or for the quickest and simplest integration, maybe you would just like to add Feefo reviews to your Facebook page. With different benefits and limitations, we would recommend taking a look at Introduction To APIs, Plugins and Widgets to get up-to-speed on all methods before making any decisions.