Feefo offers a large selection of example badges that can be added to your materials to display an up-to-date readout of your service and product ratings. These images are dynamically generated rather than static meaning that any content displayed on the badge can be configured to update as your feedback rating changes. The badge can be displayed on websites, in email signatures and print media advertisements. Three examples are shown below but the full selection of badges can be seen in Feefo Badges Overview.

Selecting your preferred Feefo badge for displaying the service and/or product rating is easily done through the interactive badge selector for the relevant integration method in the Feefo Hub using 'Marketing > Widgets Gallery'. The selector shows a preview of the chosen badge's design, colour and size for both the desktop and mobile views, and presents any badge options for positioning and styling.


To learn more about badges and how to use them, please see Integrating Feedback.