This article examines the benefits of adding Feefo reviews to your social media pages.

Knowing how a business communicates with and answers questions from existing and future customers can influence future purchasing decisions. Social media is a great source of this style of communication and so prospective customers are likely to research many of their future purchases using sites such as Facebook.

Social media reflects up-to-date public opinion but those who post are not always customers. With verified customer reviews from Feefo regularly being added, making them available through Facebook and other channels will add genuine customer reviews alongside the real-time posts giving visitors a more accurate view of your service and products.

Feefo offers 3 methods for sharing Feefo ratings and reviews:

  • Sharing individual reviews to your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts. See Sharing Your Reviews On Social Media for more details.
  • Integration of your Feefo reviews using a Facebook widget. Once your administrator is logged in, a few straight-forward menu-based steps are all that’s needed to complete the integration. Here's a screenshot of an example integration using the widget. See Facebook Integration for more details.
  • Adding Feefo stars and ratings to your Facebook Dynamic Ads. The optional product, Advertising for Facebook, adds Feefo ratings to the ads giving users insight into the quality of the product and therefore a further reason to explore your advertised products.
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