Your first step to using Feefo is setting up your account. 

When joining Feefo, our On-Boarding Team will take you step-by-step through what’s needed, explaining the effect each setting will have, and leaving you with an account that’s fully configured and ready to go live.

Once the essential business and contact details have been saved, On-Boarding will discuss how to set up your campaign to control your feedback request emails, some of the settings being:

  • Which reviews are needed: service, product or both?
  • The number of emails to be sent per day, when they’re to be sent and how often.
  • Your brand’s logo for the feedback request emails and reviews website.
  • The contact details reviewers are given for directly getting in touch with you.
  • Your preferred Feefo badge for integrations.
  • Integration preferences: colour, location and size.
  • Which social media accounts are linked to Feefo?
  • Customisation of email and form content.
  • Adding your Google Analytics tracking IDs to track activity on Feefo hosted pages.

Feefo Process Overview Sending Us Your Sales Data