The Feefo feedback process typically involves the following steps:

Feefo collects feedback about your business by sending a feedback request email to everyone who buys from your website. The email contains a link which takes reviewers to a feedback form on Feefo’s website where they choose a rating for the service and the products they purchased and provide comments. Once collected, this feedback is displayed on Feefo’s website and can be displayed on your website too and included on your Facebook page so that future customers can see previous customer’s comments.

You have the option to reply to the feedback left by your customers. We recommend that you provide a reply to all feedback as all reviews and any replies are made public. For many prospective customers, seeing how a merchant reacts to the unexpected is an important part of their purchasing decision so replying to negative reviews is really important. Replying to positive feedback can be beneficial too as search engines value review-based conversations and rank these pages higher. As every reply will be public, any response should be considered carefully. Once a reply is posted, the customer can then provide you with further feedback, and if desired, change their previous rating.

Feefo ratings are passed to Google for inclusion in AdWord seller rating gold stars and organic stars. Displaying reviews and ratings in search engine listings can significantly increase click-through rates (CTR) leading to a higher Google Quality Score and a lower cost per click (CPC). For more information on Google Stars see How do I get organic stars?

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