This is a short summary of the key steps in the Feefo process. 

Each step is a link to more detail so when you’re ready, click through to find out everything you need to know. If instead, you need a complete overview before you start, take a look at the Introduction To The Feefo Process.

The Feefo Hub

This is the control centre for everything Feefo. Once you have your Feefo login, you can access and explore your Feefo dashboard.

Configure Your Account

Get the most out of Feefo by setting up your account to your exact requirements. There are many settings you can change to create the exact Feefo experience you want.

Send Us Your Sales Data

Nothing can happen until Feefo knows who your customers are. Learn all about sending us your sales data in Sending Us Your Sales Data.

Customers Leave Feedback

Customers can leave feedback quickly and simply, in as little as 60 seconds. For more details see Leaving Feedback.

We Publish All Feedback

All reviews, whatever the star rating or comment, are published on the Feefo website and uploaded to Google unedited. See Publishing All Reviews for how this works.

Replying To Feedback

After leaving a review, customers expect a thank you or an apology. It could even improve your rating! Read our recommendations in Replying To Customer Feedback.

Reviews On Your Website

Add Feefo reviews to your website and see big benefits. Read our Top Tips For Integrating Feefo to get the best results.

Reviews On Facebook

Link Feefo to Facebook for a quick and easy way to publish your reviews. See Displaying Feefo Reviews On Social Media.

Google Stars In Search Results

See how Feefo reviews can give you Google Stars in How Do I Get Organic Stars?