Implementing a Reviews Lightbox Integration involves adding a Feefo badge (previously known as a logo) onto the web page. The content of the badge is dynamically updated so the number of reviews and the star rating are kept up-to-date with what's on Feefo. Each badge appears identically in all views of the web page whether it's on a desktop computer monitor, tablet or mobile device and so is not responsive dependent on screen size. The lightbox window that opens when the badge is clicked on is, however, responsive and will fit itself to the devices screen size.

Having the same size badge on both a desktop screen and mobile device screen may not be suitable and so we offer the possibility of having a different size badge on mobile devices.

All of the Feefo Badges can be viewed at Feefo Badges Overview and both the desktop and mobile badges can be configured through the interactive badge selector within each of the integration preferences accessed from the Feefo Hub menu, 'Marketing > Widgets Gallery'.