When using a Reviews Lightbox or Link Integration, a Feefo badge is added to your web page to show the current Feefo rating and the number of Feefo reviews received. Although a default badge is placed as part of the code, you can choose your preferred badge through the Feefo Hub. For a Reviews Lightbox, the badge is configured using 'Marketing > Reviews Lightbox':For a Link Integration, the badge is configured using 'Marketing > Link Integration':

The badge selector allows you to choose the service and product badges for each of the integrations and shows the options available including sizes, colours and positioning. After making your choices, click on the 'Save Settings' button and follow the code editing instructions shown under the badge. 

Link Integrations offer the additional option of having different badges in different places on the same or different web pages. Every badge position that has the code shown in the form above will display the badge as it is in the form. If you want to use multiple badges, you will need to modify the code in each location to add the correct badge. To generate the necessary code, use 'Marketing > Badge Generator'. The form offers the various options for the badges and generates the code that you need to add into the original code to include the different style badge. Once configured, click on 'Generate Badge Code'. For more details see Link Integration.