In the Feefo Hub, a sales file is manually uploaded using 'Sales > Upload Multiple Sales'. Once processed, a report is displayed summarising the status of upload with results for each sales line. To view the same summary report for sales that have been previously uploaded, choose 'Sales > Sales Upload History' and click on 'Show Details' for the upload that you are interested in. In both cases, if errors have been identified, the details will show the reason for any failure in a similar way to the following report:

The report includes the line number where the error occurred. For more details about the types of error and how to fix them see Uploading Sales Files (Feefo Hub). Examining the file, fix any errors and then re-upload. In the event that the error is unclear, please contact our Technical Team or log a ticket on the Feefo Support Portal and a member of the team will be in touch.