Merchant user functionality is controlled by their 'role' within Feefo. There are four roles, but only two of these allow the user to upload sales files from within the Feefo Administration Portal: 'Merchant Admin' and 'Normal Merchant User Uploads'. Other users do not see the option to upload new sales files.

To configure the user's role:

  • Login to the Feefo Administration Portal as a user with a Merchant Admin role.
  • Ensure that the correct Global Filter is selected.
  • Go to Settings > Manage Users. All Feefo users for this merchant are listed.
  • Find the user in the list and verify that their role is set to either Merchant Admin or Normal Merchant User Uploads. If not, and the user needs to be able to upload sales via the portal, click on the Edit button for the user.
  • Select the correct role and Update User.
  • The user will now see the additional menu Sales > Manage Sales Data.