Sales files can only be uploaded by users with a role of 'Merchant Admin' or 'Normal Merchant User Uploads'. After a user has uploaded a sales file, it will be processed as per the setup of the account. Once the file has been processed, the user will receive an email that confirms the number of lines saved to the Feefo database and gives details about any sales that may have failed.

The status of previously uploaded sales files can be checked by logging into the Feefo Hub, setting the correct account using the global filter (only needed if you have access to multiple accounts) and choosing 'Sales > Sales Upload History'. A report similar to the one below is displayed showing all files that have been uploaded. Those that have been successfully uploaded display a green tick in the 'Result' column and those that have failed display a red cross. Clicking on the relevant  'Show Details' in the 'Uploaded' column will open the report for that file upload.