Google have revamped their guidance for marking up reviews for Rich Snippets as they no longer allow you to publish reviews anonymously. To generate correct microcode or schema markup for Rich Snippets you will need to include author information in order to validate the review.

When leaving feedback with Feefo V2, consumers can give permission for their name to be published. Where we don’t have the name or don’t have permission to publish it, including the author in the XSL template as a hard-coded tag is absolutely fine, for example, <span itemprop="author" content="Example Supplier Ltd. Customer"></span>. If preferred, simply 'Anonymous', 'Customer' or something similar can be added as the content.

For merchants on v2, if permission is given, the customer name is included as a public customer container, for example:


When generating the author tag, the developer of the XSL template can include a check to see if the <PUBLICCUSTOMER> tag is included in the XML feed and if so, is <NAME> present and does it have a value. If yes, use the contents of that field, but if not, use a suitable text string such as the company name, 'Anonymous' or 'Customer' as described above. An example of such a check can be found in our sample feedback.xsl which can be downloaded as part of the

For more details about coding for Rich Snippets, see:

Although the XML Feed will continue to function in Feefo 3.0, it has now been replaced by the Reviews API.