The XML Feed can be customised to return reviews from the last week, last month, last 6 months or last year and is configured using the 'since' parameter as follows:


Required/Optional: Required

Default: Value defined on merchant’s account but if undefined, since=year.

since is the feedback data time period that should be returned. For example, ‘week’ will return feedback data that was left starting seven days ago up until the current time. There are four possible values:

  • since=week - Returns the last 7 days of feedback data.
  • since=month - Returns the last 30 days of feedback data.
  • since=6months - Returns the last 180 days of feedback data.
  • since=year - Returns the last 365 days of feedback data.

Although the XML Feed will continue to function in Feefo 3.0, it has now been replaced by the Reviews API.